About Us
Skymics Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian MSC status company (MSC Malaysia status is recognized by the Government of Malaysia, ranked as world-class service through the Multimedia Development Corporation for ICT services) with more than 10 years experience in field IT and Internet of thing (IoT).   
Vast research on embedded devices leads Skymics as a successful solution provider for industrial problems and challenges based on cloud computing. Our new line of solutions includes: Smart Energy Monitoring Solutions, Smart Farming Solutions, Smart Hydroponics Solutions, Smart Environmental Monitoring System, Smart Building Management System, Smart Asset Tracking, and IoT Based Digital Signage Management System. 
Skymics integrates smart sensor systems and cloud computing analytics to continuously monitor devices, asset and infrastructure condition, improves performance, security, safety, and enable predictive maintenance.
At Skymics we also providing e-learning and mobile learning solutions. 
Regarding above matter, Skymics has successfully developed and registered an invention that address the e-learning problem in rural  area especially with no internet connection by using embedded computer and devices. 
We focus on developing e-learning and Mobile learning solutions based on cloud computing that improve performance for our clients. Furthermore, based on Skymics’ experience, e-learning can be a value-added solution to any learning problem in most of the contexts. 
Skymics Sdn Bhd, with expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions based on Cloud Computing IoT and e-learning provide best customized solution for corporate and government.


Our Vision

To be the leading global IT and IoT solutions provider to enable individual and Organizations to go beyond.