Smart Energy Monitoring Solutions

Smart Energy Monitoring System

Real energy management requires an energy monitoring system, which means knowing how much energy you are using. If you know how much energy your home is using and when it’s using it, you can better respond to that usage and take control of your costs.

Skymics Smart Energy Monitoring System uses your building’s existing powerlines to monitor energy usage in real-time. It can actually tackle up to every individual circuits, as well as individual rooms using measuring devices that clamp onto the main conductors inside your breaker panel. No extra wiring is needed! That data is collected in a receiving unit, the receiving unit has the Skymics’s Footprints software, which can store and track actual of energy data.

You can keep tabs on that information via any web-enabled device such as a smartphone. You can even have the option to receive customized alerts via text or email messages.


This solution can be deployed to IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform.